Global Digital Advertising Market Analysis 2019 Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2026

Digital Advertising Market Report, Size, Share, Trends, Demand, Sales, Revenue, Industry Analysis, Types, Top Players and Forecasts 2019 to 2026

Global Digital Advertising Market  was valued US$ 90 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 350 Bn by 2026, at CAGR of 18.5% during forecast period. Global media spending is growing progressively at more than 5% per year, Regardless of political and economic concerns in various markets, increasing digital advertising business will sustain overall advertising benefits.

Two major factors driving growth of market are self-serve platforms which allow small businesses to advertise with efficiency on the internet, and the increase in online startups that use these self-serve platforms to sell products directly to clients. Google and Facebook are capturing the majority of that growth because they surpass at serving those two sets of consumers.

Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising

Mobile accounted near about 50% of all the digital advertising, but mobile growth rates are starting to decline after an impressive rise. For example, mobile grew 70%, and mobile doubled every year for the first few years.

Mobile monetization is gaining purchase, particularly in-app and video and is likely to keep that drive going into forecasting period as consumer behavior changes and header bidding technology extends beyond web display. Also, brand advertiser demand for better transparency and protection against fraud should continue to be strong. Confirming inventories and ad quality will be key to maintain the flow of advertising funds into digital media.

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Scope of the report for Global Digital Advertising Market

Global Digital Advertising Market by Device:



Digital Billboard

Global Digital Advertising Market by Brand Category


Food & Drink

Family & Parenting


Technology B2C B2C

Style & Fashion

Home & Garden

Finance & Insurance






Health & Fitness

Technology B2B

Global Digital Advertising Market by Format



Banner, Rich Media, Sponsorship



Global Digital Advertising Market by Transaction Type



Global Digital Advertising Market by Region

North America

Asia Pacific


Latin America

Middle East & Africa

Key Players Operated in Global Digital Advertising Market:

Acxiom Corporation

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Inc.

Baidu, Inc.

Conversant, Inc.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Accenture Interactive

PwC Digital Service


Web Net Creatives



Disruptive Advertising

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Topspot Internet Marketing

PBJ Marketing

Adster Creative


97 Switch

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Asia-Pacific and North America is accounting 70% of the US$ 628 billion global ad expenditure in 2017. Strong consumer spending in these regions, along with the FIFA World Cup, will divide worldwide ad growth of 7% in 2018. Global media expenses will grow progressively at more than 5% per year by 2022. North America is holding the largest share in advertising market at US$ 232 billion and a 35% share of worldwide total media. Asia-Pacific is being at second place in regional media expenses with US$ 210 billion and one-third of global ad business.

Table of Contents

Global Digital Advertising Market Size, Status and Forecast 2026

Chapter 1. Preface

Chapter 2. Research Methodology and Assumptions

Chapter 3. Executive Summary

Chapter 4. Market Overview

Chapter 5. Supply Side And Demand Side Indicators

Chapter 6. Global Digital Advertising Market Analysis and Forecast

Chapter 7. Global Digital Advertising Market Analysis and Forecast, by Product Type

Chapter 8. Global Digital Advertising Market Analysis and Forecast, by Application

Chapter 9. Global Digital Advertising Market Analysis, by Region

Chapter 10. North America Digital Advertising Market Analysis

Chapter 11. Europe Digital Advertising Market Analysis

Chapter 12. Asia Pacific Digital Advertising Market Analysis

Chapter 13. Middle East & Africa Digital Advertising Market Analysis

Chapter 14. South America Digital Advertising Market Analysis

Chapter 15. Company Profiles

Chapter 16. Primary Key Insights

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