Is Moderate Wine Drinking Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Alcoholic beverages such as wines are harmful to one’s health. Many believed that consuming alcoholic drinks every day may shorten our life span. It also contributes to many fatal diseases that our body can acquire. Health professionals advise that each of us should get rid of drinking alcohol to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Some individuals tend to oppose this belief. They say that drinking alcoholic beverages such as beers and wines can regulate and help the body to achieve total health. They believed that drinking alcoholic drinks moderately helps in removing the stress and anxiety that we feel every day. It is also an effective stress antidepressant that helps in switching our mood to happier and livelier ones.

The debate continues whether moderate drinking is good or bad for one’s wellness. The healthcare industry continues to conduct a profound study regarding the adverse effects of alcohol. Although it has been proven already since then that drinking alcohol leads you to a higher risk of acquiring severe diseases, many still love to drink.

In a study conducted by NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism), they recommended a particular glass of alcoholic drink consumption to call it healthy and moderate. It means that a woman should drink up to three glasses of wine per day, and men can take up to four glasses. Every week, men should consume a total of 14 glasses, and women should only need seven glasses.

Moderate Drinking Of Men V.S. Women

Men and women have varying alcohol tolerance level. Our body is composed of different water percentages that help in regulating the alcohol that we intake. According to some studies, it is proven that women have a higher risk of acquiring diseases compared to men when drinking too much wine like Brunello wine. There are also four significant reasons why women are affected easily by alcohol.

  • Women have less body water – the water in our body helps in dispersing the alcohol, and women have fewer body water compared to men. So, when a female drinks more or moderately, she destroys her health.
  • Women weigh lesser compared to men – the consumption of alcohol should vary depending on your weight. As a woman who is lighter compared to men when it comes to weight, you should consume a lesser volume of alcohol.
  • A woman has low AHD – it is known as alcohol dehydrogenase, which is responsible for tearing down the alcoholic substance in life. Women have lesser AHD, and her lover may have a hard time breaking down alcoholic drinks.
  • Women suffer regular hormonal changes – a woman’s body undergoes several hormonal changes, especially during menstruation. It serves as a reason that their body’s ability to break down alcoholic substance may come hard.

Different Alcohol Levels

Moderate drinking is often accompanied by alcohol levels you should take. These alcohol levels will help you assess with regards to the volume of alcohol you should consider so as not to go beyond what’s required. Here are NIAAA’s alcohol level recommendations to maintain a moderate style of drinking.

  • 5 ounces of wine that should not go beyond 12% alcohol content
  • 12 ounces of beer which should only carry a 5% alcohol content
  • 5 ounces of usual spirits such as vodka, tequila, Rhum, whiskey, and gin.

Benefits Of Moderate Drinking

There are some health benefits that you can extract if you maintain a moderate alcohol drinking. You only need to make sure that you drink and consume what’s recommended and should not go over beyond it. It is the best way to enjoy drinking wines and other alcoholic drinks at the same time, maintaining a healthier mind and body.

The benefits of moderate alcohol intake include the following:

  • Depression – some studies have shown that mild alcohol problem can suppress problems like anxiety and depression. The antioxidants found in wine helps in changing the mood of an individual to a happier one, which removes the feeling of being alone.
  • Healthy Cardiovascular Organs – the heart regulates the pumping and pressure of the blood. When it operates irregularly, the flow of the blood is affected, resulting in a disease called hypertension. Drinking moderate alcoholic drinks such as wine helps in regular blood flow allowing the arteries and veins to circulate the blood freely.
  • Skin Health – drinking moderate wines also contribute to preserving a younger fairer looking skin. Some people are even using these drinks like wine as active skincare agents that helps in the tightening of the skin. It also helps in maintaining the moisture of our skin to make sure that we don’t get dehydrated.

Drinking alcoholic beverages such as wines and beers has become part of our culture. A celebration, food pairing activity, or a simple gathering is not complete without a bottled alcoholic drink. Make sure that you don’t consume what’s recommended to make sure that you still promote a healthy lifestyle. To answer your question if moderate drinking is safe or not? The answers are for you to weigh in.

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